Our Philosophy

The environmentally responsible ECO-HAMLET INVITES YOU to experience the synergy of internal, that is the body, and external, that is the environment, and to enjoy the natural and healthy way of living, without sacrificing your comfort. It is an ECOlogical, Zero-carbon-footprint HAMLET, where we practice; SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE, and ARCHITECTURE to preserve our planet's ecosystem and natural resources. We offer you a unique experience in this 'only one of its kind' location. Eco-Hamlet was born with the desire to return to the nature.

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Eco Architecture

The Energy and Resource Efficiency of the house is shaped into its design, building materials and construction methods. Use of free energy sources such as sun, wind, water, and vegetation, to keep the house cool in summers and warm in winters.


Overlooking the stream. Double bed, cupboard, Fan, TV with HD cable network.

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A separate unit across the stream, overlooking the entire farm area, with a courtyard, two verandas.

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Services Quarter

A large veranda used for outdoor activities like lectures, trainings, luncheons etc.

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Eco Agriculture

The vigour of the land is built by not disrupting the biological cycle of organisms in the soil, water, and air. The reuse of organic matter, farm biomass, farm animal waste as fertilizers, avoiding off land inputs, herbs as insecticides, to ward off pests, off land inputs in order to become self sufficient.


The entire farm is accessible through a soil track. You can walk/jog, observe the flora and fauna...

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Field houses many fruit trees like mangos, guavas, sapodilla, figs, cherries, mulberry.

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There are numbers of trees such as baniyan, sacred fig, tamarind, peepal.

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Places To Visit

There are many natural, historical and amusement sites around Eco-Hamlet that are worth visiting. Some of them are mentioned below.