The cultivation is based on Sustainable principals.

The vigour of the land is built by not disrupting the biological cycle of organisms in the soil, water, and air.

The reuse of organic matter, farm biomass, farm animal waste as fertilizers, avoiding off land inputs, herbs as insecticides, to ward off pests, off land inputs in order to become self sufficient.

Working the methods of crop rotation, multi-cropping, cover cropping helps in restoring the nutrients into the soil and rejuvenates it, which further allows the bacteria to fix nitrogen. This method preserves the biodiversity and ensure the health for all living organisms allowing its population to grow and feed on the harmful pests thus help maintaining the food chain. The plants need less water, cell of the produce is thicker, consequently it is sweeter, healthier, tastier, fresher and aromatic.

Rain water harvesting, recycling of black water, recharging to replenish the ground water table, helps reduce the load on the natural, scares resources such as water and manure and protects the environment.

This farming system, help us eliminate the use of poisonous chemical pesticides and high energy embodied manure, fixes the soil health biologically, purifies air and saves water also because plants need less of it, gives us toxin free produce, keeps us healthy physically, mentally and protects our environment since we are interdependent. In addition, saves our money.

The colour, fragrance of the flowering plants, swarm in bees and butterflies and wild berries bring in variety of birds and lures people to Eco-Hamlet.