It is a home stay. We do not organize entertainment for the guests. Please click 'Vicinity' icon to get information on tourism and adventure sports around the area.
It is a Sustainable building; therefore the room temperature is maintained to comfortable level because we believe in saving energy for the betterment of our environment.
Flowers are not to be plucked at all. They are for the bees and birds. The fruits can be sold to guests on demand and availability.
The farm pets are wild in variety and there is a risk of ensuing fight for the territory. So we prefer not.
At night, the inside toilet can be used because there is no queue at night. In the day time, second toilet, adjacent to service room comes in handy. Besides, people spend much time in the veranda of service room, and even have their lunch, so toilet in that area is imperative.
Yes, it does, but we have inverter for electricity and fans. However, our earnest request to our guests is, not to leave the power on when not in use to help us save the fossil fuel.
The water used for bath and washing is purified and drinking water is purified again, by reverse osmosis, which cleans the chemicals, metals as well.