The environmentally responsible ECO-HAMLET INVITES YOU to experience the synergy of internal, that is the body, and external, that is the environment, and to enjoy the natural and healthy way of living, without sacrificing your comfort.

It is an ECOlogical, Zero-carbon-footprint HAMLET, where we practice; SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE, and ARCHITECTURE to preserve our planet's ecosystem and natural resources. We offer you a unique experience in this 'only one of its kind' location. Eco-Hamlet was born with the desire to return to the nature. As a child, what you experience comes back to you. The world changes but not our memories. If we have lived a abounding life, rich in biodiversity, we want to live it again and always. The concept of creating a site that will protect the useful organisms, maintain the biological cycle, nourish us correctly, use optimal biodegradable resources, avoid high energy embodied materials, optimize energy and sustain itself, became my lone dream. I wanted to live in a place where the valuable natural resources are not depleted; the harmful toxic chemicals are not used, humans, animals, insects, and the environment are protected.

If the development does not allow 'Me' such a place, then I shall create one for myself!! As the project started, 'Me' became 'We' and then came the idea of running a home-stay, where all of 'Us' could profit from our efforts. The concept could proliferate and may be, people would want to create their own sustainable world.

We put our dedication, commitment to realize our dream. Every brick, every plant was the result of our earnest desire, coming from our heart and soul. Finally our longing, yearning had taken shape. It was not an easy task, but as we went along, what seemed an assignment, became excitement and pleasure. We want to preserve the place, it's interior and exterior. We request our guests also to help us retain the aesthetic, cleanliness, wholesomeness and the sustainability of Eco-Hamlet so we can continue to build on it. The work never stops!! Eco-Hamlet saves electricity, harvests water reduces the carbon dioxide emission and whatever little that we emit, we compensate it by planting vast number of trees. We make efforts to turn our Sustainable farm to zero budgets, and nourishing. Doing so, we continue to maintain the comfort level, which the modern society offers.

Welcome to Eco-Hamlet, stay connected, with the purity of soil, water, air and luxuriate in the natural world for peace of mind, body and soul.